Berge Auto Group Jobs: Overview

The Berge Auto Group consists of 7 auto dealerships in Phoenix & 1 in Tucson Arizona. 700 employees work in these stores.
3 of the Phoenix dealerships are on Bell Road and 4 are the East Valley. The Tucson store is near Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

We sell and service multiple makes of automobiles and trucks. We believe in selling cars, making money, and having fun.

The retail auto sales and service industry can be as tough or as much fun as you want to make it. We choose to have fun. Our dealerships become the "homes" of our employees. 40% of us have worked at the Berge Auto Group for more than 4 years and 18% have been around for more then a decade. Our oldest employee is 92 and has worked with us for 23 years. Our newest employee started yesterday and is probably about 21.

You'll find that if you want to work with a company that prides itself on being just a little bit better than it's competitors; that if you like a family environment at work; that if you want to make money and have fun – then the Berge Auto Group could be perfect for you.